From Root to Tip

As a team of women, we would never offer a product that we wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing ourselves, or one that we use daily. This is what makes BSHA different than purchasing hair extensions or wigs from your run-of-the-mill beauty supply store. We not only believe in our product; we use it ourselves.

We want our ladies to feel comfortable in their skin, so we decided to start at the root. We thrive on making other women feel organically beautiful, just the way nature intended. All BSHA hair is from only the finest places on Earth, giving us the highest quality possible from Cambodia, Southeast Asia, Philippines, and different regions of Russia as well. We sell all our hair extensions and wigs just as nature intended; raw with no fillers – very natural.

Quality Control

All of the hair selected for BSHA go through a vigorous vetting process. We only accept the purest virgin hair, from root to tip. How do we do this? We have a very high level of quality control and nothing – not one strand of hair – gets accepted without an intense inspection by one of our team members. We have worked with the same manufacturers for many years and we have built a relationship and knowledge base that you will not find anywhere else.

Most places will add fillers to increase the volume and thickness, and acid wash the hair which causes immediate damage. Not BSHA. We don’t have to add fillers or even pre-wash because all of our hair comes to us in the purest, more natural form, requiring little effort from our end. BSHA Classic, Premium, or Russian will look and feel just like your own, beautiful, natural hair.